CBD Vape oil by HighlandPharms


All natural CBD vape oil 

Highland Pharms is proud to announce our lineup of all natural vape juice-oil. We make our products differently than our competitors. We belief Highland Pharms vape oil recipe is superior, our 100% vegetable glycerin base formula gives a better smoking experience.


Most other companies offer what is known as VG/PG oil. This added ingredient propylene glycol causes some people irritation. Why would anyone want to consume something that disturbs the body? Highland Pharms will never use glycol in their CBD oil.


Highland Pharms CBD oil all natural recipe

At our company, we chose to name our offer of CBD oil Hemp plus. This is because all our products contain all the other cannabinoids and phytonutrients found in the hemp extract. We figured our customers would value the purest CBD oil. There are four parts to our recipe: CBD rich hemp oil extract, an all natural emulsifier, vegetable glycol and natural flavoring. That's it!


Highland Pharms mission is to create an excellent smoking experience. Our products purposefully do not contain propylene glycol. Other companies add it to their products to make a harsher hit. Our company, on the other hand; values a smoother CBD oil product, so we don't use PG for this reason. PG is used as a cut we hope you will appreciate our purer CBD oil.


Smoking CBD oil with a vape

We are committed to high quality; Highland Pharms products are from ultra high-grade hemp extracts grown at a boutique hemp farm. We want you to enjoy every minute of our product. When people smoke CBD oil, they report faster relief than other ways of using CBD like ingesting it.


Other people are finding help from quitting smoking using CBD. Individuals say cbd vape juice has helped them replace the habit of smoking cigarettes with vaping. CBD oil makes it easier for those withdraws people experience when they try quitting cigarettes.


Because smoking high-quality CBD oils allow you to control your intake through the day, you can more closely treat your pain. You will want to know many vape cartridges will burn out fairly quickly because of the fatty compounds in the CBD. We suggest you purchase a high power vape pen. Buy having a powerful enough pen your smoking experience will be far better.